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Eligibility: Young foreign nationals of developing countries (OECD/DAC-listed countries).

                  2016 participants in this Program are not eligible to participate.

Recruitment numbers: 120 interns (around 40 will be international students in Japan).

Deadline for application: June 30, 2017

Intern destination: Private-sector companies, industry association and non-profit corporations in Japan.

Internship period:

International students in Japan:

  • around 3 months from August to Wednesday, December 20

Overseas  foreign nationals:

  • entering Japan on Monday, September 11 and departing Wednesday, November 22
  • entering Japan on Monday, September 25 and departing Thursday, December 7
  • entering Japan on Sunday, October 8 and departing Thursday, December 21

Application requirements:

  • Agreeing with the spirit of this program, and through the internship promoting internationalization of Japanese companies, developing the overseas business of Japanese companies and working together to construct networks with overseas universities.
  • Holding citizenship of an eligible country or region.
  • Proficiency in Japanese language (JLPT level N3 or higher) or proficiency in English.
  • As a rule, applicants should be at least 20 years of age and no older than 40 as at June 30, 2017.
  • Applicants must able to submit a school or university enrolment or graduation certificate as well as a letter of recommendation from an affiliated university or institution.
  • Able to undertake both the internship and Pre-Training full-time at the host company. (International students must also able to balance these against their studies)
  • Other requirements meeting any individual conditions stipulated by the host company.
  • Applicant must not have participated in this Program in 2016.

Application and selection method:

  • Registration is accepted online via the registration form on the Program Office website.
  • Selection is conducted through document screening, primary interview (native language/English/Japanese), and secondary interview (Japanese/English).
  • As part of the selection process, various certificates (university qualifications, language skills, etc.), letters of recommendation, photographs, documents required for the visa, etc. are to be submitted individually.

Main support for interns:

  • Allowance: 4,000 yen per day for living expenses. This amount is payable per day for the entire duration of the internship (except for international students living in Japan, who will be paid for active days only)
  • Round-trip economy class air ticket, travel insurance (international students in Japan not eligible)
  • Internship insurance
  • Transportation and accommodation expenses including training program fee when participating in training.

Main responsabilities of interns:

  • Formulating an internship plan (roles/goals, etc. of an intern) in consultation with the Internship manager
  • Participating in group training, follow-up training, and wrap up presentation
  • Undertaking the internship full-time during the internship period(international students living in Japan must ensure this is balanced with academic work)
  • Undertaking management of their own safety and health as thoroughly as possible, including gathering emergency information for Japan, as well as communication, reporting, and consultation with the Program Office and the host company
  • Submitting a variety of documents, notifications, reports, evaluation reports, etc. before coming to Japan, as well as during and after the internship period
  • Appropriate Behavior demonstrating awareness as a beneficiary of public funds received from the Japanese government.

It is important to know: This program offers work experience, not actual employment. It aims to provide interns with workplace skills and know-how. Please note it is not a substitute for casual or part-time employment.

More information and application forms here.

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