Disappointments and their Benefits

When you think about the word ‘disappointments,’ what do you associate it with? Usually, this word has a negative connotation to many. The reason for this is when we make mistakes, we often get scolded by adults and elderlies. 

On the other hand, based on expert testimonies, mistakes are meant to be made and learned from them. Disappointments open doors to new opportunities and help us outgrow our weaknesses.

Our Motivators

Disappointments generally make us feel stranded and guilty for our flaws. Despite this being true, it releases the adrenaline to strive for more – greater goals. For example, parents would be ‘disappointed’ if their child receives a low mark. This serves as the student’s motivation to achieve more. 

Henry Ward Beecher once said, ‘One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.’ They make us stronger! 

Others Role Models

Disappointments help others around you. There is a high chance that someone you know is struggling with the same intrusive thoughts. Then seeing you change for the better will help them shift their fixed mindset into a growth mindset. Besides, you are also making your loved ones proud of your transitioning phase. 

On balance, disappointment is the first step to self-accomplishment, not failure. This change enhances potential abilities, resilience, and valuable competencies. Disappointments lead to your success!

If you know someone who is struggling, how will you help them? Make sure you let them know that everything will turn out well in the end!

Reporter Youth.md: Gesica Sirbu

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