Have you ever thought about how schools have changed?

How would you like to be in a class of 100? The influence of society and culture has definitely played their role in shaping academia. Nowadays, the academic sphere is different and is encouraged not just in school but all around us.

Gender equality and its impact

During the Victorian era, the sex imbalance was drastic. Girls were taught to knit seeing as ‘they needed it’ and boys were taught ‘manly’ subjects like Geography. In the modern world, gender inequality is taken into consideration and gender equality is provided in schools (and in workspaces). Women and men study the same subjects and are encouraged to do what is best for them – a major improvement in society embellishment.

How severe can a punishment get?

Long ago, most students experienced a sort of ‘school trauma.’ The punishments were severe and quite dreadful for children. Nonetheless, these were given to those who performed untolerated actions or have not fully understood their studies (which still occurs today to an extent). In today’s time, school is a place to enjoy the process of learning, develop skills, and build friendships. In most parts of the world, punishments are not allowed. Moreover, students do not receive as much homework/tests/exams as they used to – this helps them make time for their passions. In Finland, for example, it was declared that students will not be handed any home assignments (all school work is done during school hours). 

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The importance of a good school environment

Now, hygiene is vital for students’ and teachers’ well-being – proven by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In order for students to execute well in their classroom, the environmental conditions are taken care of and the designs are more colourful. As opposed to years ago, when the classroom was unwelcoming and dull.

‘We are strict on our pupils! It’s the only way to motivate them,’ states James Lowes. ‘Grades are like money, the more effort you put in, the more you earn!’ exclaims the director of Baker Middle School. Education leads your life, but only the right way of learning is the way to do it. The sphere around this topic is wide and still advancing. 

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