Does Achieving Success Always Include Being Happy?

“If I work as hard as I can and become successful, then I will be happy.” This saying is tossed around society, yet it is false. We were often taught as kids that if you gain excellent grades, you will gain a better life (“success equals happiness”); however, a feeling does not match up with a target. 

What is Success and Happiness?

Success is accomplishing visions and goals and earning outstanding achievements in society, such as wealth, power, fame, and prosperity. On the other hand, happiness is the smile we perceive of contentedness, peace, and a healthy state of mind. The two terms may look suitable together but do not correspond hand in hand. Success does not result in happiness due to various factors; success is a never-ending battle, joy is discovered uniquely, and happiness leads to success.

How would you Describe Success and Happiness?

Success is a never-ending battle in which we feel sparks of empowerment; however, it will not stay loyal to us all the time. In other words, this “spark” will fade until we complete another task…then another…and then another. There is nothing wrong with gaining top grades, earning lots of money, or being appreciated by somebody; however, these non-lasting moments of enjoyment are not eternal happiness. How do you feel when you study for an exam to help you gain a “better” life? Do you ace it? Do you feel a spark rising to your chest?

After a few days, do you still smile ear-to-ear because of the exam? There are many artists on Earth – many are suffering. Sulli, a well-known, lovely, and pure Korean singer, actress, and model from Seoul, South Korea, had a vast and growing fan base. She made it quite successful in her career; however, hate kept pushing her down until she fled this world. Despite all the success, Sulli still did not find happiness as “fans” constantly compared and judged her to Korean idol standards. As one music expert once mentioned.

She laughed when she wanted to laugh and cried when she wanted to cry. She brazenly spoke out. She didn’t fit the mould.

Moments of true happiness | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

Is it a Goal or an Instinct?

How often do you find yourself being more content with the simplest things in life – waking up early, drinking water, and talking with your friends? Happiness is not about completing aims to gain a more fantastic, fluttering future; it is about the present, feeling complete, feeling no pressure or stress. Beginning something you admire, either journaling, reading, singing, or writing, makes you much happier, helping you strive for success!

It has been proven that being productive and organized makes you a much more felicitous person. Because of motivation, a sense of joy builds up in the atmosphere of inspiration – a kind of special oxygen. “A meal, a passing conversation, where we were at 3 pm on 20 August 2004 – rediscovering these ten years on can be an unexpected source of joy,” affirmed An experiment was conducted to test what individuals were most happy for. The participants created time capsules containing what they did recently. These were the responses:

  • “The last social event they attended”
  • “A recent discussion”
  • “How they coincided with their roommate”
  • “Songs they recently listened to”
  • “An inside joke”
  • “A recent photo they took or admired”

Every night before sleeping, a man, old and wise, writes in his diary, then he would read the first journal entry from years ago to remember the glorious days of his youth.

Teamwork Towards Success. How we can collectively achieve sucess… | by  Hareesha Hilmi | Medium

Here is what Others have to Say

Mr. Michael earns billions of dollars; however, he cries himself to sleep every night as he is unhappy. What is the point of earning so much profit then?

Happiness leads to success. It is feasible to be happy without success, but if you are not content, you are not truly successful! Success is a target, a feeling of doing what other individuals convince you to do in order to nurture your heart’s guidance – this is EXACTLY why success does not equate to happiness! Happiness is the peace within you; it is the positivity that flourishes your soul to blemish with love and hope.

Mrs. Wilson is pleased with her life; she is a vulnerable mother earning enough to feed only her family; however, she sings, dances, and sleeps each night peacefully. In her and her family’s eyes, she is thriving!

Achieving success through happiness is what will make you smile significantly.

To summarize, success does not result in happiness for numerous reasons; success is eternal pressure, happiness is found in different areas, and joy guides success. Success is the status we desire in society, whilst happiness is the peace in our mind. Thus, to correct the statement “achieving success always includes being happy,” happiness always includes being successful! 



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