“Let’s become friends with time” is a training dedicated to young people who want to gain time control in life. You will have access to the skills that entrepreneurs who work for 3-4 affairs use during a single day. You will understand how successful people manage to work well, efficiently and productively, being in bed already at 11 o’clock.

Who ? Academy of Ideas

What ? Training ”Time Management și Productivitate”

When ? 17th of July 2017, 18:00 – 19:30

Where ? IHUB Chisinau (78; 31 August 1989 street, Chisinau)

Immediately after the training you will be able to:

BE IN CONTROL – You will see time as a resource investment. By the end, you will be able to master your own life, that is, your own time.

TO BE EFFICIENT – You will learn how to work efficiently, or otherwise, how to maximize results in the shortest possible time.

BE PRODUCTIVE – You will have access to techniques and habitats that make you hyper-productive, energetic and motivated to work.

LEAD TEAMS – You will know the main elements that will help you to lead teams, but also to work efficiently in teams.


Training is modeled to be as effective as possible. So you will have the most productive 90 minutes of the last period of your life.

Part 1 introduces you into the world of examples and models. You will find out:

  1. A) What are the most efficient time-management techniques that entrepreneurs, leaders, successful managers use?
  2. B) You will be introduced into the trend with the most important breakthroughs in science on time-management.
  3. C) You will internalize the concept of time management as a skill that will change your life.

Part 2 will introduce you into your world of time. You will find out:

  1. A) How to minimize procrastination and maximize productivity
  2. B) What habits can you learn to become more productive.

Application form: http://timpul.academiaideilor.org/

Attention: Students and pupils get a 25% discount !!

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