“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry” – Reading tips

Finishing a book can be sometimes really difficult, so follow this steps and you’ll finish it faster.

1.Choose carefully your books.

When you choose a book read the description on the book’s back cover and see if you like the subject. Also, you can search books with an easy writing style that you are going to understand.

2.Set goals.

You must set real goals, for example 20 books for this summer. Your subconscious will know that you need to respect the „promise”.

3.Read 100 pages a day.

Depending on your goal, calculate the number of pages you should read daily. If you have time, read more than your fixed limit.(Think that you will read more books than you thought you will)

4.Read at the right time.

When you have other duties, you won’t read with the same „appetite”. You should read with pleasure not with force like a „robot”. Choose the perfect time and place. Make your own comfortable „reading place” where you are going to read everytime – in bed with a cup of tea or in a hammock with a soft drink.

5.Finish the chapter.

„Once you got into the game – play”. If you start the chapter-finish it. It’s a simple tip, but it’s very useful.

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