#Know Locals: How to celebrate everyday Ziua Limbii Române as a tourist!

Have you ever been to Moldova? No? If so, you should know that everyday is perfect for all citizens of the country to celebrate Ziua Limbii Române. Because of this article, you will become a pro in celebrating it. Let’s get started!

Here you need to know a little bit of basic Romanian. So, “limba” literally stands for “tongue”, but in our context it is “language”. “Noastra” is translated as “our”. And here you need to do math – “limba” + “noastra” = “limba noastra” or “our”+ “language”+ “day” = “Our Language” Day.

Alright! You did some math and now it is history time. This holiday was born in 1989, when Moldovan population, due to some political issues, decided to establish its own official language. Thursday, August 31st, 1989 became the ,,Ziua Limbii Române”- time of national uniqueness. 

  • What does this day mean for locals?

If needed to be short, it means the beauty of the nation, a reflection of its values, and cultural exclusivity.

  • How to celebrate it as a pro?

There are lots of events organised for this purpose. So, if you prefer to paint the streets red, then you should definitely visit a main place in Chișinău – Ștefan Cel Mare Street – where national fairs and concerts are organised. Also, that is a good place to visit, if you come with kids, because they can have fun there, participating in a variety of activities from giveaways to painting, carting to cooking traditional meals

However, if you prefer staying on your own on Ziua Limbii Române, it is recommended to visit some museums“National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History” or “National Art Museum”. One more tip special for this particular holiday is visiting “National Library of The Republic of Moldova”, so as to estimate and admire how tremendous local language has on different cultures, as well as, on all populations of all of the time.

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Reporter: Anya Manvelova

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