Does your School have a Student Council?

Dear colleagues, students, and teachers, I would like to talk to you about forming a school council. I want you all to take this moment to think about what a student body means to you. I want you to cast your vote whether you support or oppose this idea. Despite many schools have already implemented it, does your school have one?

Consider the times you had to navigate your way through school. Perhaps you recall the hardships of academia, the impossible labyrinth, or the rollercoaster of never-ending loops? Some challenges in school might be enormously challenging to deal with and overcome. You have probably heard the saying “old is gold,” which means that we should not let change interfere with our education – and do you know what? This change is good – students share a variety of perspectives and have the chance to eliminate a problem! 

Remember three years ago, when the pandemic struck, we had to go on the distance learning program? This is thanks to technological advancements, but who presented this idea? – students! Remember when teachers finally introduced the concept of active learning and being action-oriented? – students did it!

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Imagine the excellence brought upon school when students become the role and value of leadership. Some may argue that it hinders academics, but is this really the case? Volunteer work is equally as important as grades. 


With ideal time management, students can earn service hours and achieve good marks, which benefits them in the long run. Furthermore, they will learn independence and self-discipline – quick decision-making, adaptive, and communication skills. Others may argue that it depletes the energy of teachers and students. Yes, but why are you concealing that curriculum learning is also exhausting? Nonetheless, because responsible students will be taking over, teachers and staff will have more time off from regular meetings.

Let’s establish a student council. Let’s acquire the opportunities and talents we desire. Let us take a leading role in student leadership that the school requires! Thank you for your attention and endearing sentiments.

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Reporter Gesica Sirbu

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