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A small group of Computer Science students started the WebHostingGeeks website back in 2004 as a university project. Today, they collect and analyze enormous amounts of information from across the Internet. Their servers process about 20,000 records per second, resulting in the unique quality metrics. Organizers know from their time at college that school is …

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Tips for a good essay We know that the inspiration is the key for a perfect essay, but you should know some rules to make it better. 1.A catching introduction.  The introduction is the base for a good essay, because it should attract the reader even from the first words.  Here you have to present …

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Drucker Challenge is an essay contest for students and professionals between 18 and 35 organized by the Peter Drucker Society Europe. The Contest of the Challenge  Prosperity is not just a financial notion — inclusive prosperity encompasses the opportunity for lives in dignity, with purpose and roles to contribute to common endeavors in the communities …

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