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Have you wondered what it is like to train like a model? On August 6, America House volunteers Daniela Bruma and Gesica Sîrbu organized a modeling master class conveying valuable tips and advice regarding the domain. Daniela and Gesica are signed models from agencies in the city – “keen when sharing the efforts to grasp a hold of their dream.”

“Modeling is the art of body language involving you, yourself, and confidence,” explains Gesica. Agencies need models for photoshoots in magazines and billboards, social media, and promoting clothing and accessories during fashion runways – “models are the canvas.” Modeling is a strict domain, many may say, full of stringent diets, intensive workouts, and inhumane limitations. The masterclass  was intended to prevent such stereotypes and inform how the industry is flipping their direction. During the event, we had numerous applicable activities, video clips, and a great quiz. 

Visitors were encouraged to participate in the practical part: walking and posing appropriately. The hosts revealed a model’s secrets to posture and portfolio-building by watching Gigi Hadid’s life story. Manners and public speaking skills are just as important, but then again, explaining was easier said than done.

Walking tips:

  • Single-file line
  • Pleasant gaze
  • Steady pace (move to the music’s beat)
  • Hands move parallel to legs
  • Do not sway your arms and hips too dramatically
  • Smile when appropriate/asked

Posing tips:

  • Prepare poses (get ready to change poses every few seconds)
  • Know your outfit (pose appropriately)
  • Use the accessories/props/backdrops
  • Do not show elbows in the pictures (strict rule)
  • Create triangles (visually pleasing) by utilizing your hands on your hips or over your head
  • Keep fingers together but not touching

Public speaking tips:

  • Blow on your thumb (relieves nerves)
  • Breathing techniques – inhale for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, and exhale for eight seconds
  • Slap your arms/legs to loosen up

The audience was also eager to learn about the history of the fashion industry – showing drastic figures. The global market value rose to a whopping $759.5 billion in 2021. In Moldova, modeling is starting strong by creating a good mood. At the same time, the U.S. is redirecting its methodologies by accepting all and leaving no one behind. 

We had an Icebreaker in the beginning when visitors loosened up and allowed open questions, opinions, and ideas. “We enjoyed the fantastic questions asked by the active participants and their courage to practice with us!” exclaimed the hosts. In the end, we received valuable feedback and it was worthwhile to understand what participants got a grip of, what went well, and if improvements could have been made?

In conclusion, America House Chișinău newly introduced a  modeling master class and more will definitely come by. “Perhaps we plan a modeling course? – that’s an idea!” Even though some do not want to pursue modeling as a career, these are vital habits. Most importantly, confidence is key to becoming the best version of yourself.


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Reporter Gesica Sîrbu

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