International Symposium on Youth Employment Challenges (ISYEC) 3.rd Edition

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The 3rd edition of the International Symposium on Youth Employment Challenges (ISYEC’18) will take place on February 26th – March 1st 2018, at AGU facilities, Kayseri, Turkey. 

ISYEC is the premier international event enabling corporate professionals, youth workers, youth policy makers, social entrepreneurs, educational representatives and experts to gather, learn about/share good practices and get inspired for developing cross-sectoral strategies for employment and for the future of youth.

This International conference is organized with the partnership of Turkish National Agency (on behalf of the Ministry of EU of Turkey), French National Agency, Italian National Agency, SALTO-YOUTH Euromed and Good Practices Resource Centre (on behalf of the European Commission) as well as SALTO-YOUTH Participation.

Application Deadline is 19th of January, 2018, 23:59
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